Rex OS-1 Durometer Test Stand
Rex OS-1 Durometer Test Stand

Rex OS-1 Durometer Test Stand
Durometer Operating Stand for use with type A, B, C, D, DO, E, O, OO, and OOO
Compatible with RX-1600, RX-1700 & RX-DD Durometers
Manufacturer: Rex
Warranty: One Year
The Rex OS-1 Durometer Test Stand is the ideal tool for repetitive or lab-type testing for users who must test either very large specimens, or test in a number of different durometer scales. The Rex OS-1 Durometer Test Stand, used in conjunction with a Rex durometer eliminates the operator error sometimes associated with shop floor durometer testing. The stand features a floating pin and includes the proper load weights required for testing in durometer scales (A, B, C, D, DO, O, OO, and OOO), as noted in ASTM D2240. The OS-1 can accommodate specimens varying in size from a : to 10 inches thick. (custom stands for testing larger specimens available)

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